kbnooshay (kbnooshay) wrote,

I thought i was tired but im not so i ripped this off from the keva.

H a v e y o u e v e r. . .

01. Fallen for your best friend?: No.
02. Made out with JUST a friend?: no.
03. Been rejected?: Yes.
04. Been in love?: Yes.
05. Been in lust?: Whattt thats ghey.
06. Used someone?: dunno.
07. Been used?: FUCK YES YOU FUCK WANKS.
08. Cheated on someone?: no.
09. Been cheated on?: no.
10. Cried over a relationship?: Yes.
11. Done something you regret?: yes.

W h o w a s t h e l a s t p e r s o n . . .

12. You touched?: Megan.
13. You talked to?: Megan.
14. You hugged?: Megan.
15. You instant messaged?: Megan.
16. You called?: Megan.
17. You yelled at?: My Penis.
18. You laughed at?: Conan.
19. You had a crush on?: My penis.

D o Y o u ?

22. Color your hair?: No.
24. Piercing?: no.
25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes.
26. Floss daily?: No.
27. Own a webcam?: Somewhere around here.
28. Ever get off the computer?: No.
29. Sprechen sie deutsche?: no.
30. Habla espanol?: Sorta.

G e n e r a l Q u e s t i o n s

40. Considered a life of crime?: hmmm.
41. Considered being a hooker?: no.
42. Considered being a pimp?: no.
43. Are you psycho?: yes.
45. Schizophrenic?: No.
46. Obsessive?: No.
47. Obsessive compulsive?: maybe.
48. Panic?: yes.
49. Anxiety?: YESSSSSS
50. Depressed?: Yes.
51. Suicidal?: No.
52. Obsessed with Hate?: hehehe.
53. Think you're good looking?: eh no. Better than i used to look though.
54. Think you're smart?: No.

R a n d o m S t u f f . . .

55. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?: In a cool house with red walls in the city that i own.
56. What would you be doing?: being sexing
58. What are you listening to?: Black dice
59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? The pretzle.
60. Chicken or fish?: Fish if if doesn't taste like fish. Chicken if it isn't dry.
61. Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be?: Doggie.

C u r r e n t l y :

62. Current Clothes: plaid pj bottoms & tee.
63. Current Mood: happy cause its snowing out.
64. Current Taste: Brooklyn Brewery.
65. Current Hair: sex, Whispy in the back.
66. Current Annoyance: weird marks on my skin.
67. Current Smell: I have a cold too!
68. Current thing I ought to be doing: Sleeping.
69. Current Desktop Picture: A gigantic Flaccid Penis named Charles Q.
70. Current Favorite Music Group/artist: Ted Leo.
71. Current Book: jimmy corrigan.
72. Current DVD In Player: Nothing.
73. Current Beverage: Milwaukee's best
74. Current Worry: i am going insane. Seriously.

F a v o r i t e s :

76. Food: chinese.
77. Drink: Anything by brooklyn brewery/ jones cherry.
78. Color: Aquamarine.
79. Shoes: my onitsuka tigers.
80. Candy: Canes.
81. Fruit: raspberry.
82. Movie: Pootie tang.
83. Dance: sex
84. Vegetable: fried zucchini.

F u t u r e :

85. What do you want to be when you get older? tight and fresh.
86: Married?: fuck yes
87: Kids: fuck yes.
88: Living Where?: city.

T h i s o r T h a t :

89: Innie or Outie?: Innie.
90: Boxers or Briefs?: Both=boxer briefts you gay ass quiz
91: Reading or Writing:? sexing.
92: Basketball or Baseball: baseball.
93: Walking or Running?: Walking.
95: Left or Right?: Right.
96: TV Shows or Movies? T.V. Shows.
97: Britney or Christina?: never.
98: Rap or Rock?: Rock.
99: Day or Night?: Night. LAte night
100. What people call you? Botchkin.
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